Ex Cathedra

Directed by Jeffrey Skidmore

Frances Kelly harp
James Johnstone organ
Simone Rebello percussion

Fire Burning in Snow

“For fire burning in snow is the effect of love” – the final line of Juan de Araujo’s Dime, amor gives this programme its title and conjures up the passion and dramatic contrasts which make it such a delight. Ex Cathedra returns to St Mary’s with exuberant music from the Latin American Baroque, full of evocative indigenous imagery: repertoire for which the ensemble has received rapturous acclaim.

Concert generously supported by Murray Campbell, John Hobley, Jonathan Holden, Roger Massie and Margaret Pringle.

Tickets: £24 and £19 reserved central nave; £15 unreserved rear nave, £13 unreserved sides.

Ex Cathedra

Directed by Jeffrey Skidmore
with Alexander Mason organ

Monteverdi – In Search of 1610

Following a number of performances in the area of the Vespers, Ex Cathedra explores how Monteverdi developed the brilliant fusion of musical styles in his famous 1610 collection.

The Ex Cathedra singers bring this to light through intimate performances of Monteverdi’s sensuous madrigals, and the devotional settings adapted to be ‘made spiritual’. Two rarely heard works from the 1610 collection complete the programme.

Sponsored by Ash Mill Developments