K’antu Ensemble

Ruth Hopkins soprano, violin and recorder
Sarah Langdon alto and recorders
Michelle Holloway alto and recorders
Ben Mitchell tenor, guitar and charango
Andrew Hopper bass and viola da gamba
Tymoteusz Jóźwiak bass and percussion

A la Vida Bona – Music in the Age of Discovery

K’antu Ensemble explores the vibrant music of Spain and the New World. Featuring villancicos from the Cancionero de Palacio, Negritos from the archives of Oaxaca Cathedral and dances from the Codex Martinez Compañón, the players enjoy fusing early, world and folk music to create a truly distinctive sound.

“…their performances are joyously individual” (Early Music Today)

Tickets: £21 and £18 reserved central nave; £15 unreserved rear nave, £13 unreserved sides.