The City Musick

The City Musick

directed by William Lyons

with George Bartle, Gawain Glenton, Sarah Humphrys, Tom Lees
Nicholas Perry and Richard Thomas

Heigh Ho Holiday:
Christmas Revels in seventeenth-century London


The City Musick – an ensemble of seven versatile musicians – performs festive dances and carols sung and played on the joyous sound of shawms, cornetts, sackbuts, dulcians, regals, recorders and bagpipes. A delightful programme presenting a perfect evocation of Christmas as celebrated four hundred years ago.

“Vitality, resonance, and immediacy” – The Telegraph

£26 | £18 | £12 includes mulled wine and mince pies
(£1 children / students)

The York Waits

The York Waits

Tim Bayley, Lizzie Gutteridge, Anna Marshall
Susan Marshall and William Marshall
with Deborah Catterall singer

The Mirth and Melody of Angels


Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the recreation of York’s historic city band, the Waits explore the rich tapestry of seasonal music from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. Familiar German chorales are followed by French Noëls and Mediterranean songs from the folk tradition, all accompanied by the full array of period instruments – shawms, sackbuts, curtals, crumhorns, bagpipes, recorders, flutes, fiddles, rebec, guitar, hurdy gurdy and portative organ.

“…a sight and sound not to be forgotten” – Musical Times

£20 includes mulled wine and mince pies
(£1 children / students)

Concert sponsored by Leigh Christou

SOLD OUT!! — She’Koyokh


Çiğdem Aslan vocals
Susi Evans clarinet, Meg Hamilton violin
Živorad Nikolić accordion & vocals
Matt Bacon guitar, Rupert Gillett double bass
Christina Borgenstierna percussion

She’Koyokh is a Yiddish word meaning “nice one!”. All seven members of this astonishing ensemble are virtuoso musicians, each with twenty years absorbing, performing and enjoying the rich folk music traditions of countries across the world. Their programme is a melting pot of culture and style, from 19th-century Eastern European Jewish wedding music to Sephardic songs and festive music from the Balkans, Greece and Turkey.

“Fiery and emotional, lyric and virtuoso…” – The Evening Standard

£20 unreserved
(£1 children / students)